Carbotech Performance Brakes
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Brake Pads

View the pads we carry by maker and model. If you don't see the make and model of your vehicle, that doesn't mean we can't make your brake pads/shoes. We can make any brake pad/shoe with your choice of any Carbotech compound, just give us a call at 877-899-5024 or email us at

Brake Compounds

Carbotech brakes utilize a ceramic and metallic construction in a range of compounds that out-perform competitive brakes. Carbotech brakes are made from compounds that offer higher initial bite, torque and fade resistance—providing consistent brake modulation and performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. Get a description of our various brake compounds.

Brake Fluid

We carry a variety of brake fluids for different types of track use. Check out our chart to see which works best for you.