Carbotech Performance Brakes

To Protect and Serve.
They protect your rotors and stay in service for a much longer time.

Every law enforcement or emergency medical services department needs to keep their vehicles out of the shop and in service, helping their community. Carbotech performance brakes can get that done, more reliably than any other brake alternative.

In fact, Carbotech brake pads have increased some Police Departments mileage by 2-3 times compared to the OE pads they had been running. Carbotech brake pads not only increased the mileage they also increased the life of the rotors that are time consuming and expensive to replace. This means you can keep your patrol or EMS vehicles in service and reduce the amount of money you have to take out of your already tight budget…money that can be spent on other much-needed equipment and personnel.

Proven performance.

And remember, Carbotech delivers outstanding braking, helping you control your cruiser and giving you outstanding performance in the toughest, most demanding driving conditions.

“Our Carbotech brake pads have lasted three to four times longer than the factory pads, which has reduced the frequency of brake repair jobs. By increasing the uptime of the cruisers, we are projecting significant annual cost savings.”
Christoper J. Collins
Chief of Police
Willoughby Hills, Ohio

“Since we only do one brake job a year instead of three or four, the cost savings on our fleet of ten cruisers is immense.”
Jerry Bascome
Police Department, Bedford Heights, Ohio